100% Natural Grown PURE strain Northeastern Blue Tilapia™ $10.00 Whole Tilapia (1-1.5 lbs.) on Ice. "Fresh LOCAL ONLY"
Northeastern Blue Tilapia™ FRESH
 Fresh or Frozen shipping available! Shipping Included in Pricing. PLEASE write in comments if you want Fresh on Ice or Fresh Frozen* *frozen Tilapia are packed 24 hours after order is placed.
Northeastern Blue Tilapia™ Whole
"Natural", is different than "organic". Organic products can be sprayed or feed with chemicals and still be considered "organic". When we say Natural, we mean that NO man-made chemicals or chemical bi-products are used to feed our Tilapia or is sprayed or applied to our products. We use ONLY elements that are found in nature. We guarantee all our products are natural, clean, and healthy for both people and the environment. Our Northeastern Blue Tilapia™ are not touched by human hands until they are delivered to our customers. Protective gear is worn throughout our processing operations, so we can provide products as natural as possible, without the risk of any contamination.

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